Are your brakes whistling, squealing, fading, need to be pumped before fully stopping, or just lock up constantly? If so, bring your car to us and let us diagnose the problem. A failing brake system could result in serious injuries or death. Don’t look past the most important safety feature of your car. Let our ASE certified mechanics inspect your brakes for wear and make sure every part of the system is working properly. We like to use the highest quality brake pads and rotors to ensure the longevity and smoothness when you brake.

Brake Inspections

Here’s what we do in a general brake inspection:
Getting a brake check is important for ensuring the safety of yourself, the passengers, and your car.

When you push on the brakes, the disks stop the movement of the wheel. The disks are inspected for any rough areas or damage. Your brakes should look shiny with little signs of wear. When they are damaged, they should be immediately replaced.

Adjoining the disks are pads that work collectively with the disks to stop the vehicle. These pads become worn out over time and need to be replaced. Under 1/8” of padding means the pads must be replaced.

Examining Brake Lines

The brake lines can break down over time, becoming corroded, cracked, and rigid. When examing the brake lines, we make sure the rubber lines are still soft and rubbery rather than hard or cracked. We also check the hard metal brake lines for signs of damage or corrosion.