PN 302

BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid Conditioner will improve fluid anti-wear characteristics. Designed for use in both belt and chain type continuously variable transmissions and is compatible with all CVT fluids.

CVTs experience continuous high speed operation causing severe wear and extreme pressure conditions. CVT fluid experiences thermal and oxidative stress, which promote fluid degradation. CVTs can experience premature failure when levels of anti-wear chemistry become depleted. Metal particles and carbon deposits can greatly accelerate wear to the transmission components.

When installed with BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid, BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid Conditioner will prolong CVT fluid life and prevent deposit formation. As part of the BG Transmission Service, it is specially formulated to boost the performance of CVT fluid by keeping seals soft and pliable, boost anti-wear characteristics, and ensure smooth shifting.

BG Transmission Service

BG Universal Synthetic ATF is part of the BG Transmission Service for CVTs.


PN 302 11 fl. oz. (325 mL) can