PN 589 New

Today’s engine coolants must be highly durable and possess better engine protection than those of the past. Drain intervals and engine temperatures are ever increasing. Many vehicles are equipped with sophisticated under-hood equipment that requires critical temperature control that only a high quality coolant can provide. Picking a superior coolant is important if the vehicles are to be properly protected.

BG Universal Coolant/Antifreeze offers complete and long-lasting cooling system protection under the most severe conditions. It is designed to be used in all gasoline, diesel, and compressed natural gas fueled engines. BG Universal Coolant/Antifreeze protects cooling systems from corrosion, foaming and acidic contamination. Nitrite, silicate, and phosphate free.

BG Cooling System Service

BG Universal Coolant/Antifreeze can be part of the BG Cooling System Service.


PN 589