PN 328

BG LSII Limited Slip Axle Additive Concentrate prevents chatter in plate and clutch limited slip differentials. It contains specialized ingredients that smooth and quiet differential gear operation and fortify gear lubricant additives.

Limited slip differentials are designed to transmit the major driving force to the wheel getting the most traction, minimizing useless wheel spinning in slick conditions. Four wheel drive and limited slip vehicles can experience a loud chatter while turning caused by too much friction between plates in the system.

BG LSII is a professional-use axle additive concentrate formulated to prevent stick-slipping chatter in plate and clutch limited slip differentials and four-wheel drive transfer cases. It provides smooth and quiet gear operation and fortifies gear lubricant additives.

BG Drive Line Service

BG LSII can be part of the BG Drive Line Service.


PN 328 6 oz. (177 mL) bottle
PN 38-400SPOUT-24 Yorker Spout (24 pack)