PN 212

BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer® forms a protective coating on fuel system components to defend against corrosion. It contains special stabilizers that keep the entire fuel system clean, restoring power and fuel efficiency.

Ethanol-blended gasoline increases engine deposits that affect drivability and lead to corrosion and eventual component failure. Fuel deposits and corrosion formation can have a negative effect on engine efficiency and durability. The most common of these problems are rough idle, loss of performance and reduced fuel economy.

BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer® keeps the entire fuel system clean and free of problems caused by ethanol-containing gasoline. Installed at each fill-up, it protects against moisture, and prevents fuel oxidation and deposit formation. It prevents corrosion and provides long-term storage stability.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Service

BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer® is part of the BG Ethanol Fuel System Service.


PN 212 6 fl. oz. (177 mL) bottle