PN 232 New

BG DFC Plus HP for high pressure common rail diesel engines provides excellent fuel system protection for the high temperatures and pressures of high pressure diesel systems.

HPCR diesel injection systems are designed to produce significantly more power with reduced emissions due to closer tolerances, improved injection metering and higher injection pressures. But, these extreme high temperatures and pressures can cause instantaneous breakdown of ULSD fuel into basic carbon form (black fuel). As the black fuel circulates, black fuel filter plugging occurs because the carbon formed during fuel breakdown flows through the fuel return and back into the fuel tank. The black fuel is then picked up again to feed the injection system. Carbon collects on the fuel injection ports and injector tips, deforming the spray pattern. Deposits will also form on push rods, restricting fuel flow.

BG DFC Plus HP reverses the effects of black fuel in HPCR diesel injection systems. BG DFC Plus HP is proven to clean diesel fuel systems, as long as fuel is still flowing. It will clean fuel system components and injectors, prevent fuel gelling, prevent formation of soot-black fuel byproducts that plug filters, correct nozzle fouling, reduce exhaust smoke, and protect engine parts against corrosion. BG DFC Plus HP contains a lubricity agent to combat potential damage from ULSD. It will also prevent entrained moisture from icing.

BG Diesel Injection Service

BG DFC Plus HP can be included as part of the BG Diesel Induction Service.


PN 23232 32 oz. (946 mL) bottle