PN 248

BG DFC Plus with Cetane Improver keeps system components clean, prevents cold fuel gelling, reduces excessive exhaust smoke and increases the cetane level of diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel quality can vary greatly. Diesel vehicles experience a number of issues such as exhaust smoke cold fuel gelling, and injector clogging. When injectors become clogged, their spray pattern becomes deformed leading to a loss of power. Diesel vehicles may also experience starting issues. These issues are tied to the cetane level of diesel fuel.

BG DFC Plus with Cetane Improver protects fuel system components from corrosion and deposits, prevents fuel gelling, and reduces exhaust smoke. It is a professional use diesel conditioner containing a lubricity agent that protects against the effects of low-sulfur diesel and a cetane improver that raises the diesel cetane level by 3-7 numbers.

• Cleans the entire fuel system
• Controls deposit formation
• Improves diesel engine combustion and power
• Eliminates injector plunger sticking
• Eliminates nozzle fouling
• Extends injector life
• Reduces exhaust smoke
• Stabilizes fuel in storage
• Prevents corrosion
• Prevents scoring or seizing
• Corrects nozzle buildup
• Keeps the fuel system clean
• Stabilizes stored fuel
• Isolates wax crystals
• Raises the cetane level of diesel 3-7

BG Diesel Injection Service

BG DFC Plus with Cetane Improver can be included as part of the BG Diesel Induction Service.


PN 248 11 oz. (325 mL) can