PN 240

BG DFC Plus for Biodiesel conditions biodiesel, cleans fuel systems, and helps to prevent fuel deposits. It’s safe for both common rail and direct injection fuel engines.

Biodiesel has become more and more prevalent as an alternative energy fuel. It must be chemically treated to maintain acceptable performance levels by correcting its innate deficiencies. For example, biodiesel is hygroscopic, meaning that it pulls in moisture. This entrained moisture degrades fuel, damages fuel system components, and reduces the overall power of the engine.

BG DFC Plus for Biodiesel protects diesel fuel system components from the negative effects of biodiesel. It reduces the risk of fuel gelling, promotes moisture separation, neutralizes harmful metallic contaminants, reduces exhaust smoke, stabilizes fuel and protects engine parts from rust. A professional use additive, it is compatible with both common rail and direct injection diesel engines.


PN 2401 1 gal. (3.79 L) bottle
Available in other bulk sizes