PN 225 New

BG DFC with Lubricity HP is a diesel fuel conditioner for high pressure common rail diesels.

High pressure common rail diesel engines use high pressure fuel injection to maximize power, increase efficiency and minimize harmful exhaust emissions generate tremendous heat. Left unchecked, this heat causes the diesel fuel to thermally degrade and oxidize. This leads to deposit-fouled injectors and black residue that plugs fuel filters. The result is dramatic loss of power, hard-starts and potential engine damage. Oxidized fuel will not provide the required lubricity necessary for component protection.

BG DFC with Lubricity HP provides unsurpassed fuel system protection when high operating temperatures and pressures are encountered. It prevents the formation of the fuel by-products that plug filters and build deposits. BG DFC with Lubricity keeps injectors clean, corrects nozzle fouling, reduces exhaust smoke and protects engine parts against poor fuel lubricity and harmful corrosion. BG DFC with Lubricity HP mixes readily with all diesel fuels and is an excellent fuel storage stabilizer.

BG Diesel Injection Service

BG DFC with Lubricity HP can be included as part of the BG Diesel Induction Service.


PN 22532 32 oz. (946 mL) bottle