PN 485

BG Battery Cleaner–Acid Detector is a foaming cleaner used to remove the power-sapping corrosives that rob battery power and shorten battery life.

Today’s electronically-controlled vehicles require more from their batteries than just starting power. Consistent power is increasingly essential for proper performance in modern vehicles. However, battery terminals, cables and carriers are vulnerable to corrosion buildup, which can drain the power from a battery.

BG Battery Cleaner–Acid Detector not only cleans and protects the vehicle’s battery, it also has a unique acid-detecting ingredient that turns red in the presence of acid to warn of the need for additional cleaning; it also indicates the presence of a crack or leak around terminal.

BG Battery Service

BG Battery Cleaner–Acid Detector is part of the BG Battery Service. The BG Battery Service should be performed once a year.


PN 485
Net Wt. 14 oz. (396 g)
Volume 14.19 fl. oz. (420 mL)