PN 9206

Heavy deposits are common in the air intake because to help control emissions, noxious exhaust gases and crankcase vapors are captured and fed back into the air intake system. Gummy substances contained in these vapors combine with dirt and form deposits. These deposits will substantially reduce airflow, disrupting the critical air/fuel ratio that is essential to engine operation and fuel efficiency. Drivability problems such as rough idle, poor performance, and increased exhaust emissions result from heavy deposit buildup.

Used with the BG VIA™ supply tool , the BG AIS Cleaning Tool installs BG Air Intake System Cleaner, PN 206, to clean tough deposits from the air throttle body, plenum and the back side of the throttle plate.

BG Fuel/Air Induction Service

BG AIS Cleaning Tool is part of the BG Fuel/Air Induction Service.


PN 9206