PN 402

BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner is a quick and efficient brake cleaner that dissolves built up residue on brake components.

Unreliable brakes are a serious safety concern. Brake systems are sensitive to the buildup of brake fluid, grease, oil, moisture and other residue that can form on drum and disc assemblies. This leads to brake squeal and chatter.

BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner is so effective, it completely eliminates the need to disassemble the brake system. Displaces moisture and effectively cleans and dries distributor parts, spark plugs, magnetos, electrical contacts and relays.

BG Brake Service

BG 402 Brake & Contact Cleaner can be part of the BG Brake Service.


PN 402
Net Wt. 19.7 oz. (558 g)
Volume 12.58 fl. oz. (372 mL)