Auto-AC-RepairHave a broken car A/C? Don’t sweat it. If your car air conditioner isn’t working, our ASE Certified Mechanics are adept at diagnosing your vehicles’ A/C repair problem. The most common A/C problems include:

Hot air blowing out of the A/C
Lack of pressure when the air blows out
Failure to blow air at all
When you bring your car to us, our experienced ASE Certified

Mechanics will perform an A/C Performance Check to diagnose why the car A/C is having a problem and what needs to be repaired. Car A/C problems can stem from many issues, including a Freon leak from a cracked O-ring seal in the A/C line, a worn out filter / condenser, a loose wire, or excessive heat radiation from the engine. Our ASE certified technicians will figure out the root of your car’s A/C problem.

After diagnosing the issue with your air conditioner, we’ll discuss your car A/C repair options. Our automotive technicians can repair all of the components of your vehicle’s A/C, including:

O-rings, seals and hoses
Compressors and compressor clutches
Evaporators and condensers
Driers, receivers and accumulators
Switches, controls, modules and relays
Blower motors and resistors

Auto-AC-knob-close-upWe offer an A/C Evacuate and Recharge where we void the air conditioning system of old Freon and then recharge the system with new Freon. We then inspect the car A/C system’s pressure and temperature control to make sure everything is working properly.

A/C Performance Check
If you’re experiencing any car A/C problems, our ASE Certified Mechanics can diagnose the issue with an A/C Performance check that may include:

-Visually inspecting all A/C components
-Running a performance test
-Performing a system state of charge test
-Performing a system control test
-Performing a leak test using an approved electronic leak detector

Air Conditioner Freon
Freon is responsible for cooling your car. Freon is a halocarbon that cycles through your A/C. Freon is a refrigerant that cycles through liquid and gas phases, and works to regulate the temperature of your car. It is important that there is not an A/C Freon leak in your car’s air conditioner system, in order to maintain cool air temperatures in the vehicle’s cabin when the air conditioner is on.